About ME

I am Vereska and I am the creative brain behind all things Melanin Edition, where Motivation that Empowers is our Ultimate Goal. 


Melanin Edition started in 2017 as a Sweater Business. the designs consisted of Melanin Beauties in the form of  illustrations not commonly seen.


And that has evolved into illustrated art, stickers and apparel designs. Melanin Edition encourages others to achieve great things and boost their self-Confidence. This is done through creating items, content and ideas that are creatively captivating.


At the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey, illustrating was my creative outlet and since I have grown and learn a lot. I focused on mindset growth and I've seen first hand how this has impacted my creative progress and personal development. This has lead me to produce content and designs that are focused on building a solid positive mindset and a highly motivated lifestyle.